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Top 10 hottest property markets in London

The postcodes defying Brexit: top 10 hottest property markets in London Exclusive new analysis has identified the 10 “hottest” markets in the capital, dominated by parts of north and east London. Britain’s exit from Europe has resulted in prices falling at ... Read More

New Builds In Ealing

During the last decade, the borough of Ealing has welcomed thousands of new build homes. A large proportion of these homes have been retained by the local council in order to provide affordable living within Ealing, whilst also allowing the ... Read More

Exploring Crossrail

The delivery of Crossrail is looming. The full extent of its benefits are yet to be seen, but we can explore the ones that have already been brought to us. The East-West Crossrail service will improve transport links from London ... Read More

2017 Property Hotspots: Greenford

This weeks article marks the start of a new monthly series. As many people are starting to question where to buy property in London, in 2017, at the end of each month, the published article will focus on one area to ... Read More

New Home & Pre-Owned?

When it comes to investing in a new home, many people put the age and history of the house high up the requirement list. There’s quite a number of differences between a house built a hundred years ago and ... Read More

New year, new you, new neighbourhood?

So here we are again: “New Year, New You”. This year you’ll lose those extra pounds, set out to do ‘Dry January’, get that promotion at work, or find The One  – you might even strive to do all three. ... Read More

5 reasons to invest in Ealing London

With the arrival of crossrail just around the corner, in 2019 the leafy suburb of Ealing will only be an 11 minute commute away from Central London. Investing in London’s property market can be a daunting process, at SMC we like ... Read More

Buying off plan

Buying off-plan property means purchasing property in advance of its completion. Off-plan property is typically sold prior to construction beginning at a significant discount, often with a small deposit requirement. In order to purchase off-plan property, you usually need to ... Read More